Are you a Christian?

 Strange question, right? I mean, aren't all who go to church and know about God Christians? Well, no. Actually, only 15% of people who call themselves Christians are actually saved believers. Scary, right? So, does anybody really know if they're saved? How about you? Are you really following God's path, or are you just going down another trail that someone said is the right way?  I know they were probably wearing a gold cross, but how can you really know if they told you the right thing?
  These are some hard questions. And I'm not the one asking them, either. These are questions from the One Who created you, and wants you to come to Him. God wants you to be sure that you are on the right path, and I'm sure you do, too.
  I'm not perfect. I'm not even in the same ball park as perfect. I'm just a beggar trying to tell other beggars where the food is. And there's so much more to being a believer then going to church and owning a Bible. So much more that nobody seems to want to say. But it is crucial for every person who desires to follow God to hear and to know the truth.
  So, are you up to the challenge? Are you ready to test your "Christianity", and to hear the unaltered truth? Then let's go. Click any picture below to see for yourself if you meet the Biblical definition of a Christian.  





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