Have you ever been lost? Ever been Confused as to where you are going, Or are you Concerned about how or why you got to where you are?  Can't find your way back to the highway? Received wrong directions? Didn't have a map? You are not alone. The only thing you can do when you're lost is to keep going and hope you eventually get where you're going. It can be frightening.

  Now I want you to imagine a worse feeling: not knowing you are lost. It is a worse feeling because you think you are headed in the right direction, and the people who gave you directions are trusted, maybe even close loved ones. You're sure you're going the right way, and you like the scenery, so you just keep going, farther and farther away from where you need to be. However, if you do not end up at your destination, was it all worth it in the end?

  The Rapture Road is the road we should all be on.  It is a metaphor for life, and the struggles we all face. It is the only correct path, the only road that will lead you to the greatest destination: Heaven. Think of this as your guide to get you past the roadblocks of life that seem to keep you from your destination.

Please take them in order:


                Roadblock 1                              Roadblock 2                             Roadblock 3


                 Roadblock 4                                Roadblock 5                              Destination